Coaching~ customized just for “YOU”

Want to change your body, your mind, the way you think??

Need direction~ or just want to jump start your body into shape~

we offer:

online coaching-  $100. per hour~ we will start you on your way to fitness and good health with diet tips and workout and most of all motivation and inspiration.

one on one coaching- $100. per hour~ in the gym- well start with teaching you form, exercises and proper nutrition.

Fitness Packages

Diet – $100
Diet changes-$50 ea
Training session $70 per hour
Nutritional coaching-
Make grocery list
Go shopping
Prepare menu and recipes for 3 main protein dishes
1 vegetable dish
1 carb dish
and waffles
Enough food for about 5 days
Prepare food
Weight and bag food
Total time estimate 5 hours $ 400.00

To schedule any additional cook times $250 for three main dishes – three hours

Total package including three – one hour work out sessions $800
Additional training session always available
Booking together cost break $100 discount

I am available on phone in am to chat/mentor
I am available to come to you provided air is covered.
Please let me know what you have in mind and how I can help you…