A Healthy and Lovely LIfe

Some girls growing up have in their mind their own fairytale….
When they get married. Have children, white picket fence, how their wedding is posed to look, and everything that goes along w it… U get the picture.
I personally was never that girl. Which isn’t a bad thing or good thing. It’s just who I am.
I never had a huge plan w my life or even envisioned my future. I’ve know I was to do hair as a young child and to have fun and enjoy life and other then that I always chose which door I was going
to walk thru once an opportunity presented itself. And most importantly it had to be fun!
That was mainly the only requirement I had.
For example when I decided to leave NYC 37 years ago w someone I barley knew – that was fun… Never knowing I’d meet my husband and when he asked me to marry him I thought now that could be fun to do…
Well that was 33 years ago… Yes lotsa fun.
And when we got pregnant w our children again I never had plans of bearing children but seemed like a fun idea. And yes most of it was fun.
And onto different jobs and careers choices were made simply out of opportunities presenting themselves and me walking thru them…. And yes they’re all been FUN…
I’ve never really envisioned where I would be at the age of 57 nor never really thought I’d get to live to this age. Not because of illness but perhaps because I never tried to live in the future.
So at age 57 with this most precious love filled day full of the most incredible outpouring of birthday wishes, encouragement, happiness, texts, messages, posts, calls, emails, hugs, kisses, embraces, I have taken a moment to reflect on who I am….
I am first and foremost a daughter…. Sister… Friend…Wife… Aunt…Mother…Meema…Co worker…business owner (My hair extension business) …boss… Mentor… Body Builder…Athlete…
I have learned thru the years to own and LOVE all the parts of me.
The light within me. The darkness that resides within. My giving side, my selfish side. My loving side. The bitch that lives within. My encouraging side. My Bklyn attitude side. My softness. My fearful side.
My powerful side. My insecure moments. My positive uplifting side.
My intimidating side. My approachable side. My receiving side. My false expectation side. My live in the moment side. My compassionate side. My tender side. My funny silly carefree side. My crazy spontaneous ok ill try it side. Lol.
My hard side. My business side. My most playful side.
My determined side.
My strengths and my weakness Makes up all of me.
I have learned to accept all my sides and to just
be who I am. Good, bad or indifferent.
You see I Believe, once u truly acknowledge who u are, love who u are without expectation or reservations. Then and only then can u walk freely in your own journey, help others, encourage, impact, and make a difference in others lives.
My main desire is to encourage others to see themselves in the best way possible within their hearts and lives in all that I do….
I want to say thank you to each and every single one of you.
Family. Friends. Clients. Co workers. Team mates.
Fans. Competitors. Sponsors.
All of you play an intricate part in my journey causing me to live life to its fullest and have fun and love in EVERYTHING I do.
If I could touch just one life, that’s to have succeeded. So here’s to each of you for succeeding as you each have touched my life and here’s to me for being a part in your life.
This has been one of the most enlightening birthdays so far.
May you each find greatness in your life as we build history together.
I love u all…. Thank u so very very much for loving me, accepting me and allowing me to just be me❤

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